AS King

"Maybe there are writers more adept than King at capturing the outrageous
and outraged voice of teenagers, but it’s difficult to think of one."
—New York Times Book Review



Author Visits for Schools, Libraries and Writing Groups
A.S. King loves talking to people. Ask anyone who knows her.

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“A.S. King is an award winning author and compelling speaker. Both her life and novels stand as great examples of strong women excelling in life.” James Blasingame, ASU, AZ, Past-President, Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE

Though most of her books are geared for age 14 and up, Amy has spoken about many subjects to many ages in schools and libraries around the country. She's pretty sure her mission on Earth is to empower people, whether it was her years teaching adults how to read or her message to high school students about their futures and their "personal suitcases."

These days, most of her school presentations center around life skills, bullying, self-esteem, and navigating safe realtionships, but she can talk about anything, really. Below are a few basic programs Amy can present and a lot of nice things people have said about her visits. Feel free to send any questions you may have about Amy's school visits or fees to 


"Amy's natural and honest bearing, fascinating biography, and her sheer love and respect of teenagers was evident to the audience and helped prompt the lively and intelligent questions with which our students barraged her." --Leslie B. Patient, English Department Chair, Purnell School, NJ

On Being a Superhero: An Exploration of Your Personal Suitcase
A 40-60 minute high-energy assembly, classroom, or library program. Amy talks about her experiences in school and as an adult relating to bullying, safe relationships, respectful friendships, and what to do if you are a bystander to bad behavior. She asks students to consider their past experiences and how they can shape their future and learn from mistakes rather than be defined by them. This is the popular "Who packs your suitcase?" presentation that has helped thousands of students take control of who they allow in their decision-making space. Recommended for grades 9-12 and university students.

Other Programs
Creative Writing Workshops and Discussions for:
  • High School Students
  • University Students
  • Independent Book Shops
  • Libraries
  • Teen/Adult Book Clubs


"A.S. King led one of the smartest, liveliest, most entertaining workshops I've had the pleasure to run. She geared both towards authors interested in writing for teens and teenagers interested in writing themselves, which is no mean feat in and of itself, and the response was great. I'd have her back in a heartbeat." Jenn Northington, event manager, WORD bookstore, Brooklyn, NY

"Students I spoke with after the event called you "funny," "genuine," and "inspiring." They appreciated your description of your background and enjoyed hearing about how you decide what to put in your books. They also noted that this was one of the rare Experience Events at which students, who normally scoot out as soon as possible, actually stayed to ask questions at the end." Denise Greenwood, English Department, Albright College , PA

"A.S. King's fun and lively presentation at Hamilton High School--the largest high school in the state of Arizona-- brought the house down! The kind, intelligent and very approachable A. S. King had teens asking her thoughtful and intriguing questions about her novel, The Dust of 100 Dogs. A now-famous quote from her visit, "Where's your local cliff?" got the audience thinking about the motivations of characters and how those motivations relate to our own lives. She's a disarming delight that will appeal to all readers and I urge you to find this out for yourself by getting her into your library or classroom." Tim Loge, Instructional Specialist, Chandler Public Library & Hamilton HS Library, Chandler, AZ

Life of an Author
A one to two hour long discussion and Q&A about the life of a published author and publishing business.


Having A.S. King speak to my 9th and 10th grade English students was truly a high point of the year. It was interesting to hear the writer's literary journey, and how it coincided with her life path. As a teacher, I liked how Ms. King pointed out that we all have many options in our lives, and having a passion for what one chooses is critical. This passion was obvious in her interaction with my students.Stephanie Hartline, Central Catholic High School, PA

The Bethesda Library was delighted to host an author discussion with A.S. King in April 2011. Amy's sense of humor and flexibility made her talk one of our best. We'd welcome her back any day. Kathie Weinberg, Librarian, Young Adult Service, Bethesda Library, MD

“Twenty years after knowing Amy as a student, I had her speak at our local library and my college classroom and these have been high-energy experiences. Amy knows what she's talking about and engages people in an easygoing, and very funny way. She is still tuned in to what matters to teens and she won't shy away from the difficult bits. I highly recommend locking your high school students in a room with A.S. King for an hour or two.” Rosemary Hauseman, Penn State University writing instructor and Amy's former HS English teacher


Keynote Speeches and Conference Events

Amy is an experienced speaker, panelist, and workshop leader.

Writers Group & Conference Workshop
Finding Your Writer's Middle Finger:
An examination of persistence, voice, and breaking traditional writing rules.

Based on the title of her popular essay series, an hour of rebellion with A.S. King, exploring questions writers often ask, like: Am I good enough? Will I ever get published? When should I just give up? What is good writing, anyway? What is voice and how do I get one? Who can help me? The workshop focuses on personal growth and self-esteem as a writer, as a query writer, and as a published author. 15 minute Q&A to follow.

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Skype and Video Conferencing

A.S. King also participates in video conferences to your classroom, library, or book group.

"I work at a university, where I train preservice English teachers. As part of a course focused on the teaching of literature, and the field of young adult literature, I asked Amy to Skype with my class. The students had already read Please Ignore Vera Dietz, and were very excited to meet with the actual author of one of their texts. Amy's Skype session with my class was fantastic, and more than I ever could have hoped for. She shared insights into her writing process, the characters and events in her novel, and her thoughts on the state of reading instruction in schools today. Everything, and I mean everything she talked about fed directly into discussions and activities our class had been doing over the course of the semester. Amy is incredibly open, engaging and funny. She put my students at ease very quickly, and our hour together flew by. I had several students come up to me, after the session was over, and tell me that it had been the 'best last class ever.'"

Mark Letcher, Purdue University Calumet

"I had the pleasure of having Ms. King do a Skype chat my English class. I was very impressed with both Ms. King's preparationbeforehand as well as the presentation. We spoke about what was going to be discussed, preparing the presentation to go along with what I was teaching at that time. I was able to apply all that was talked about during the Skype chat and take it back to the classroom for a follow up lesson.
Ms. King spoke about how she developed characters in her books and also did a Q & A with the students. The students were both fascinated by the author and the technology. They enjoyed her presentation and were talking about it for days. I had a few students so inspired by Ms. King, they started creating their own stories. A.S. King was engaging, funny, and informative. She was easy to talk to and delivered the information in a way in which the students could understand. I would recommend Skyping with Ms. King to any teacher who wants to inspire her students to become better writers."

Shannon Bailey, 8th grade ELP English at Rhodes Junior High, AZ

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Educator Resources

Reading and discussion guides for all A.S. King novels.

Download the I CRAWL THROUGH IT Discussion Guide HERE. 


Download the REALITY BOY Discussion Guide HERE.

Download the ASK THE PASSENGERS Discussion Guide HERE.

Download the EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS Discussion Guide HERE.

Download the PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ Discussion Guide HERE.

Download the THE DUST OF 100 DOGS Discussion Guide HERE.