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Middle Grade Books

For ages 9-13+

A.S. King also writes middle grade fiction under the name Amy Sarig King. 
Here is where you find information on her middle grade books, educator guides,
and any helpful articles or interviews connected to books for younger readers.


October 15, 2019

Twelve year old Liberty Johnson’s parents are divorcing, and her father is in freefall—suffering from depression, refusing help. She’s worried she’s going to follow his same path and doesn’t know what the divorce means for her relationship with either of her parents. Her little sister won’t go outside. The other kids in middle school are obsessed with fake-weddings and boyfriends, but Liberty Johansen is going to change the way we look at the night sky. Most people see the old constellations, the things they've been told to see. But Liberty sees new patterns, pictures, and possibilities. With everything that’s happening, Liberty feels like her whole world is falling from space. Can she map a new life for herself and her family before they spin too far out of reach?

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Obe Devlin has problems. His family's farmland has been taken over by developers to be turned into subdivisions. His best friend Tommy has abandoned him and he keeps getting nosebleeds. As he cleans up trash at the nearby creek, he discovers a strange creature who eats plastic and poops toxic waste. The animal--Marvin Gardens--becomes Obe's best friend and biggest secret. But to keep him safe from the developers and Tommy and his friends, Obe must make a decision that might change everything.

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Amy Sarig King

(It's my Middle Grade codename!)

Why have two different names? 

I promise--it's not to confuse anyone. It just made sense that my books for older teens and adults be separate from books for younger readers, because I plan on writing for younger and younger readers as time goes on. 

Stay tuned as this area of my website grows. For now, click on the button below to find a comprehensive Reader Discussion Guide for both ME AND MARVIN GARDENS and THE YEAR WE FELL FROM SPACE.