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A.S. King

Amy always loves hearing from you. Please fill out this contact form to drop her a line and thank you for taking the time to do it! That's awesome.

If you have a question for Amy for a report or project, please check the FAQ on the About page. There are also links on the Home page to interviews where you may learn more about her.

Amy is an avid volunteer and wishes you well with your charity events, but cannot send you free books. 

Fanmail address:

A.S. King c/o Aaron's Books

35 E. Main Street

Lititz, PA 17543

  • For rights and foreign rights questions, please contact Michael Bourret at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret Literary Management.

  • For film / TV inquiries, please contact Jim Ehrich at Rothman Brecher Ehrich Livingston, Beverly Hills, CA.

  • To talk about developmental editing with Amy, scroll down and contact Yellow Bird. 

  • To arrange a personal one-on-one with Amy to talk about your next project, scroll down for Book Talk.

Thanks for submitting!

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Write With Me!

Developmental Editing Service
From Yellow Bird Editors

Amy has been helping fellow writers polish their manuscripts since 2007. If you think you might want to work with her, CLICK HERE to find out more information from Yellow Bird Editing. 


Book Talk

Let's Talk about Your Book

Writing a book is hard, no matter how easy it looks in your head. Book Talk is a service that can help you stay on the right path. Amy has 30 years of writing and teaching experience and understands what it takes to make a great book. She can keep you focused and zeroed in on your story while also helping you figure out the hurdles you encounter along the way. 

How it works, from Amy: "Your preparation for our phone call is the first part of the magic. I will send you a checklist of things to prepare and you will send them to me a week in advance. From there, we will talk about your book and how to approach writing it, any things to keep in mind while writing it, what kind of time you have to write, how to make the best use of that time, making your drafting process shorter. My goal is to help you succeed. Think of me as your Vulcan cheerleader."

Amy specializes in Young Adult and crossover fiction, Middle Grade fiction, Weird fiction (surrealism, MR, other odd structures and forms), and Speculative fiction, but can help you with any kind of book. She has 10+ years teaching experience at what was, at the time, the oldest and best WCYA MFA program in the country, has published more than a dozen novels to critical acclaim and best seller lists, and is known as a wise old bird. She can help you through bouts of doubt and block. She can help you figure out what really happens in the end, or, more importantly, if you should know that yet. She can help you learn the art of chainsaw revision--an A.S. King magic wand for a book that feels "too full" because it probably is too full--and so many other useful writing habits and tools. Amy specializes in helping you find your voice, which is the foundation of a solid writing career. 

From Amy: "It took me 8 novels and 15 years to get published. My goal is to make the journey a lot shorter for you. I've worked with hundreds of students whose work and voice weren't quite ready for publication, and have developed strategies for getting writers there faster."


Let's Talk

One Hour Session - $200

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Let's Talk More

3 One Hour Sessions - $500

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