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Attack of the Black Rectangles Reading Guide

Click here to download the official reading Guide for Attack of the Black Rectangles. 



Attack Of the Black Rectangles 

Activity Packet 

Six easy-to-print activity worksheets to share with students who are reading Attack of the Black Rectangles, covering topics like:

  • Emotions

  • Honesty

  • Mindfulness

  • Letter Writing 

AotBR cover
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Amy Sarig King

(It's my Middle Grade codename!)

Why have two different names? 

I promise--it's not to confuse anyone. It just made sense that my books for older teens and adults be separate from books for younger readers, because I plan on writing for younger and younger readers as time goes on. 

Stay tuned as this area of my website grows. For now, click on the button below to find a comprehensive Reader Discussion Guide for both ME AND MARVIN GARDENS and THE YEAR WE FELL FROM SPACE. 


Discussion Guides for YA Books

Download the DIG Discussion Guide HERE. 

Download the I CRAWL THROUGH IT Discussion Guide HERE. 


Download the REALITY BOY Discussion Guide HERE.

Download the ASK THE PASSENGERS Discussion Guide HERE.

Download the EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS Discussion Guide HERE.

Download the PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ Discussion Guide HERE.

Download the THE DUST OF 100 DOGS Discussion Guide HERE.


Book Trailers

The Dust of 100 Dogs 


I Crawl Through It


Please Ignore Vera Dietz


Everybody Sees the Ants