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A.S. King: The Official Hideout


About A.S. King

A.S. King has been called “One of the best Y.A. writers working today” by the New York Times Book Review.  King is the author of many acclaimed novels and has won the Michael L. Printz Award (twice!), a Michael L. Printz Honor, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the Amelia Walden Award, the Carolyn Field Award, the Margaret A. Edwards Award and the ALAN Award for her lasting contribution for young adult literature, and one time won £50 on a scratch card.



September 24, 2024

From Two-Time Michael L. Printz Award winner A.S. King, a weird and insightful new novel about a girl intent on picking the lock of her toxic family.


Jane Vandermaker-Cook would like her mother back. As Jane's mother tours the world to support the family, Jane lives and goes to school in a Victorian mansion with her younger brother and their mendacious father who confines Jane’s mother to a system of pneumatic tubes whenever she’s at home. And then there's weirdly ever-present Aunt Finch, Milorad the gardener, and his rat, Brutus. For Jane, this all seems normal until she suddenly gains access to the files for a lifetime of security-camera videos—her lifetime.


Pick the Lock is a punk opera, a primal scream, and a portrait of a family buried in lies.


Wins the 2024 Printz Award


A.S. King had an idea and a pretty talented group of friends to help pursue it.

Ever a proponent of short-form fiction, she wanted to put together an anthology and offered contributors a dual prompt: Write about a collection and its collector and make it as weird as you possibly can.

She told them to be “defiantly creative,” stressing the emotional currency of weirdness and how every teen feels weird no matter how popular they are. King didn’t seek out those who wrote “weird” already. Instead, she said, “I wanted to find my weird friends—because all writers are pretty weird—and ask [the] very, very different group of people to do the same thing and see what it would look like.”

The result, The Collectors: Stories, looks like the 2024 Printz Award winner. The surprise announcement at Monday’s Youth Media Awards ceremony created two firsts for the award: King is the first person to win the Printz twice (she received the 2020 award for her novel Dig), and The Collectors: Stories is the first anthology to earn the prize. -- School Library Journal 1/23/24

ALAN Award .jpeg


The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE (ALAN) presented Amy with the 2023 ALAN Award. The award is given to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of adolescent literature. King said, during her remarks at the ALAN Breakfast ceremony, "Thank you so much for this incredible honor. I will pay you back in more books, more love, and other rebellious acts."


Features & Headlines

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A New Book for 2024

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Collectors with Medal.tif

WHat people are saying

⭐️ "An eclectic, poignant, and introspective treasure trove."

       —Kirkus Reviews (starred)

⭐️"Though the stories differ in so many ways, each author brings a sense of reverence for the theme to their entry, resulting in brutally heartfelt moments with incredible emotional depth that feel like a cohesive whole. . . masterfully collected and worth slowing down to absorb. An anthology for every collection." School Library Journal (starred)

King proclaims, in an introduction, that “there is currency in weirdness”; by turns darkly cheeky and piercingly perceptive, this moody and existential grouping of stories lives up to the statement.Publishers Weekly

The Collectors

Available at Fine Booksellers

From Michael L. Printz Award winner A.S. King and an all-star team of contributors including Anna-Marie McLemore and Jason Reynolds, an anthology of stories about remarkable people and their strange and surprising collections.

From David Levithan’s story about a non-binary kid collecting pieces of other people’s collections to Jenny Torres Sanchez's tale
of a girl gathering types of fire while trying not to get burned to G. Neri's piece about 1970's skaters seeking opportunities to go vertical—anything can be collected and in the hands of these award-winning and bestselling authors, any collection can tell a story. Nine of the best YA novelists working today have written fiction based on a prompt from Printz-winner A.S. King (who also contributes a story) and the result is itself an extraordinary collection.

Collectors with Medal.tif

Books Unbound Interview@ 38:35



Features & Headlines

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CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books

Children's Book Council


A New Book for 2023

Publishers Weekly


Margaret Edwards Award Interview

School Library Journal

--The Irish Times

"Anyone who thinks YA books can't also

be great literature needs to read A.S. King"

AotBR cover

Attack of the Black Rectangles

Middle Grade  --  Scholastic  --  Out Now!

Award-winning author Amy Sarig King takes on censorship and intolerance in a novel she was born to write.


When Mac first opens his classroom copy of Jane Yolen's The Devil’s Arithmetic and finds some words blacked out, he thinks it must be a mistake. But then when he and his friends discover what the missing words are, he's outraged.

Someone in his school is trying to prevent kids from reading the full story.

But who?

Even though his unreliable dad tells him to not get so emotional about a book (or anything else), Mac has been raised by his mom and grandad to call out things that are wrong. He and his friends head to the principal's office to protest the censorship... but her response doesn't take them seriously.

So many adults want Mac to keep his words to himself.

Mac's about to see the power of letting them out.

In Attack of the Black Rectangles, acclaimed author Amy Sarig King shows all the ways truth can be hard... but still worth fighting for.

⭐️ “Poignant, humorous, and bright . . . Whip-smart, tuned in to the mind of sixth-graders, and beautifully concluded, the novel takes a bold stand in a time of book bans and rampant censorship . . . Against the backdrop of family issues, first crushes, and the end of elementary school, this is a beacon of hope for middle grades and an object lesson in treating kids like the intelligent readers they are.”—Booklist, starred review


⭐️ “[Amy Sarig King’s] respect for young people is exemplary, and her characters indelible.”—Horn Book, starred review


⭐️ “Skillfully encourages keeping open minds and extending grace to the oblivious and hostile alike . . . A searingly relevant opus to intellectual freedom.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review


⭐️ “King’s latest novel is so timely and relevant, some readers may feel like the author has been privy to what’s going on in their own schools . . . A striking book on censorship; a must-have in all middle grade classrooms and school libraries.”—School Library Journal, starred review


“King empathetically tackles the intersections of multiple sensitive topics—mental health, patriarchy and sexism, war’s realities, whitewashed history—while educating readers on the power of protest and the benefits of living with grace.”—Publishers Weekly


Tasting Light

Ten Science Fiction Stories to Rewire Your Perception

What does the future hold? Ten speculative short stories by leading young-adult authors imagine what the world could be through the lens of technologies emerging today.

When the modification industry transforms how humans look, sound, and interact, a nonbinary teen braves the “reinvention room” to accept a gift from the dead. In an accidental city in space, a young apprentice holds neighborhoods together with braided carbon filaments until distraction and inspiration arrive in the wake of a visitor. Entitlement-fueled drug use alters the landscape of white privilege, robots remember the Earth, and corporate “walkers” stroll for unknown subscribers—until one hacks the system.

In tales buzzing with possibility, hope, innovation, anger, and tenderness, Tasting Light offers a dazzling challenge to connect with open minds, hearts, and senses in a fast-changing world.


SLJ Cover



“King miraculously blends the sharp, astute precision of a poet with all the humor of Kurt Vonnegut. I cracked up and cried in equal measure. All in all, Switch provides a moving commentary on humanity’s struggle for kindness in the race against time.”—Buzzfeed on Switch




A surreal and timely novel about isolation and human connection from Michael L. Printz Award winner A.S. King.

Time has stopped. It's been June 23, 2020 for nearly a year as far as anyone can tell. Frantic adults demand teenagers focus on finding practical solutions to the worldwide crisis. Not everyone is on board though.


Javelin-throwing prodigy Truda Becker is pretty sure her "Solution Time" class won't solve the world's problems, but she does have a few ideas what might. Truda lives in a house with a switch that no one ever touches, a switch her father protects every day by nailing it into hundreds of progressively larger boxes. But Truda's got a crow bar, and one way or another, she's going to see what happens when she flips the switch.


⭐️"Timely and extraordinary, teen readers will find themselves immersed in this timeless world.”—SLJ


⭐️"An unsettling but emotionally resonant novel for our own unsettling times."—Bookpage

“A work of literary genius.”—Booklist 

“Printz Award winner King returns with another surrealist masterpiece.”—Kirkus 


⭐️“King explores the meaning of time and the toxicity of family secrets. This inventive, surreal novel’s dedication, ‘For the class of 2020,’ makes a direct address to real-life teens’ ‘lost’ COVID-19 year.” —The Horn Book

“Poignant, propulsive, and profound.”—Publishers Weekly

Switch in Aus / NZ / UK / IRE

August 3, 2021

Switch has come to Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland through my lovely Australian publisher, Text. Available where fine books are sold!


NEWS & Articles



Bookpage Interview

May 2021

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 10.54.39

The Liar's Club Oddcast Interview (Podcast)

April 30, 2021

IMG_6547 2.jpg

Martha Brockenbrough & A.S. King in Conversation at Third Place Books

Recorded May 14, 2021

26BA2A2A-61C9-4014-8EE0-3B7A6CCE9FF5 3.JPG

Cory McCarthy & A.S. King in conversation at Brookline Booksmith

Recorded May 19, 2021

NEWS & Articles

A.S. King's DIG wins the 2020 Michael L. Printz Award

Dig paperback.jpg

Paperback Release Interview

June 30, 2020

IMG_6307 2 copy_edited.jpg

The Virtual Printz Ceremony

June 28, 2020


Horn Book: Five Questions for A.S. King about Dig.

February 12, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 2.54.59 PM.png

DIG Unraveled: The Yarn Podcast with Colby Sharp

February 9, 2020


DIG wins the 2020 Michael L. Printz Award

January 27, 2020

The Year we fell from space

Amy Sarig King's 2019 Middle Grade book. Now in paperback. Read more about Amy's Middle Grade adventures by clicking below.



Winner of the 2020 Michael L. Printz Medal

★"King’s narrative concerns are racism, patriarchy, colonialism, white privilege, and the ingrained systems that perpetuate them. [Her] trademark surrealism and trenchant prose will speak profoundly to a generation of young people who are waking up to the societal sins of the past and working toward a more equitable future.” —The Horn Book, starred

★"This visceral examination of humanity’s flaws and complexity […] cultivates hope in a younger generation that’s wiser and stronger than its predecessors.”—Booklist, starred 

“[This] strange and heart-wrenching tale is stunningly original.”—Kirkus 

“[P]rofound ... offers hope that at least some of these characters will dig themselves out from under the legacy of hate they have unwillingly inherited.”—Publishers Weekly  

Love Letter to My Independent Bookstore

Dear Aaron's,

For 15 years you have stood by me, supported me and my family, been close friends, and have hand-sold my books as if they were your own.

Thank you for taking a risk on a weird pirate lady and her crew. I love you. 

Love, Amy 




I Crawl Through It 
(print and audio)
named one of the 50 Best YA Books of All Time

In 2017, Booklist celebrated 50 years of Young Adult literature as S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders turned 50 years old.  Click here to see the full list of titles. 

"King’s devotion to a passionately experimental style, in a genre often beholden to formula, is inspiring. Kurt Vonnegut might have written a book like this.” --New York Times Book Review on I Crawl Through It

Ten years in one picture. (Bookends, in a way but one of them is infinite.jpg

The Dust of 100 Dogs

A.S. King's novel, The Dust of 100 Dogs will be re-released from Dutton on October 3, 2017. 

Called "undeniably original" by Booklist, this was King's first YA novel. 

In the late 17th century, famed pirate Emer Morrisey was on the cusp of escaping pirate life with her one true love and unfathomable riches when she was slain and cursed with the dust of 100 dogs, dooming her to one hundred lives as a dog before returning to a human body—with her memories intact.
Now she's a contemporary American teenager, and all she needs is a shovel and a ride to Jamaica.



"Moving, unapologetically strange, skillfully constructed. Read this book, whatever your age.You may find it’s the exact shape and size of the hole in your heart.”
New York Times Book Review

"Surreal and thought-provoking."—People Magazine

☆ "Lack of original ideas is not something found in work by A.S. King, who blurs reality, truth, violence, emotion, creativity, and art in a show of respect for YA readers."—Horn Book Magazine (starred review)

Five starred trade reviews

NAIBA Best Book 2017
Booklist Top of the List winner—Youth Fiction 2016
Shelf Awareness Best Teen Book 2016
Bookpage Best Teen Book 2016
New York Times
Notable Children's Book 2016
Barnes & Noble Best Young Adult Books of 2016
Bustle's Best YA Books of 2016
a School Library Journal best book of 2016
a Publishers Weekly best book of 2016
Junior Library Guild selection
An Apple iBooks Best book for October
a Bustle best book of October
Teen Vogue best book of October

Tornado cover.jpg

Vera Down Under

January 29, 2018

Australia & New Zealand, are you ready for Please Ignore Vera Dietz? I am. 



From Listening Library. Read by Karissa Vacker.

Winner of Audiofile magazine's Earphones Award!

"The skills of author and narrator make a seamless transition into magical realism."

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